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    Use shortcuts to lock the screen and unlock the screen here. Come to download this screen lock here. With this tool, we can get quick access to such shortcuts of SMS/call/browser and experience a new unlock method here.

    There is a beautiful background here for us to lock the screen.
    On this background, we can get date, time and day of week here.
    We can get such shortcuts here to quick access, such as SMS/call/browser.

    Completely free for Android devices
    Simple design and detailed information
    Get quick access to date, time and day of week
    Quick access to SMS/call/browser
    Has a beautiful UI and background

    1. Set
    Enables vibrator or sound effects here.
    In this way, we can get quick access to reminders here in the process of unlocking the screen.
    2. Lock
    If the screen is off, we should press POWER key to turn on the locked screen.
    We can get date, time and day of week to quick access to daily information easily.
    Such shortcuts as call/SMS/browser could be accessible to us here to quick access to.
    3. Unlock
    Drag one shortcut to unlock the screen and quick access to such shortcut.
    In the same time, we can go direct into contacts, edit a message and search online.

    If you want to experience a different screen locker, come to try this. We can make a quick call, send a message and search online quickly.

    Please, if you don't like this app or find a BUG don't give me one star. Just email me, I will fix it.

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