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    Siamese cat HD Wallpapers
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    Interesting facts about siamese cat.

    Recently, the subspecies known about Siamese cats, but one of the most common and popular is still the seal point , the main color - cream , which can sometimes move in light brown, and the muzzle , paws , ears , legs and tail are brown or black - brown color.
    Many interesting facts about Siamese cats based on her character . After all, most people who did not communicate closely with representatives of the breed , consider them to be aggressive and even vindictive . However, this is not the case. According to all breeders , Siamese cats love affection, they are happy to chat and play . She can make sounds on a completely different intonations .
    If you want to train your cat to go for a walk with her on the street on the collar , buy a dedicated and loyal friend , the Siamese breed - the best option . They are easy to train , unlike other breeds, can easily get used to the collar, and will always be loyal to his master. However, if you are at home is very rare , it is better not to have a Siamese cat , it does not stand alone , and sometimes may even be jealous .
    Siamese cats are different obstinate , independent-minded . But they can not say " a cat that walks by itself ." Siamese cats are very attached to the owner, can not live without communication, attention. In a fit of jealousy can even attack the object of jealousy, but this is extreme ...
    Siamese cats are sensitive to the moods of the owner. When he is sad , the cat will purr right there on his knees , and when he heard crying, and would " whine ", as if sharing the anxiety of their breadwinner. Sleep, of course, lies with the owner , the night is a passive way of life, as in the dark spots worse than other breeds. He patiently waits until the breadwinner wake up - and only then begins to communicate , purr. Generally , these cats are very talkative , a lot of meow .

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