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    As of 16th September the theme has over 1000 installs. Thank you to everyone.

    For anyone suffering from blurred images on their device (mainly 2013 xhdpi devices) go to the XDA Simplicity thread, download the xhdpi version and install and apply as normal:

    Please note: The theme is still in a beta stage with regards to non Xperia resources and redirections. I will continue to work on these issues for as long as people help test on their respective devices.

    Please post any bugs or issues in the XDA thread linked at the bottom. as i am unable to respond to all posts on the play store.

    The theme was made from scratch, for use with the XTheme engine. You can read all about XTheme at the link below.

    The theme buttons and switches are mainly transparent in an attempt to be compatible with most backgrounds (I advise against full black and full white).

    Originally created for the Xperia T, the theme is multi-dpi (M/H/XHDPI) and works on many devices and firmware including Sony and Samsung running Stock and custom ROM's.

    Confirmed working on:
    *Nexus 4 - AOSP
    *LT30p Xperia T -(4.1.2 Stock).
    *OUYA console.

    *ST25i Xperia U - (4.0.4 Stock + 4.1.2 Aosp/CM10).

    *Motorola RAZR - (4.1.2 Stock).

    If you try this theme and it works on a device other than the list, please leave feedback. Thank you.

    *Please note: The theme was built upon Jelly Bean 4.1.2. for the Xperia T. Using android versions before or after on devices other than Sony will give varied results.

    Q. Why does the theme not look like the screenshots?

    A. The reason is down to different devices, firmware and redirections. At this moment i haven't added any redirections to support HTC devices. If enough people show an interest then i might add in support.

    *Rooted device.
    *Xposed framework -
    *XTheme engine - or HKThemeManager-

    1- Download and install Xposed framework.
    2- Download and install Xtheme engine or HKThemeManager.
    3- Download and install Simplicity theme.
    4- Open Xposed installer click "Install/Update" and reboot.
    5- Open Xposed and click "Modules" Tab and enable "XThemeEngine" or "HKThemeManager".
    6- Click XThemeEngine/HKThemeManager and select "Choose theme".
    7- Choose "Simplicity" and "click apply theme".
    8- Soft reboot.
    9- Enjoy.

    Themed resources:
    *framework-res - AOSP/Semc/TW.
    *SystemUI - AOSP/Semc/TW. (Does not include battery icons).
    *Contacts - AOSP/Semc/TW/Moto. (TW is a work in progress).
    *Phonebook - AOSP/Semc/TW/Moto. (TW is a work in progress).
    *Settings - AOSP/Semc/TW/Moto. Includes Semc settings headers for pre-defined devices and firmware.
    *Semc Conversations.
    *Semc Phone.
    -Moto Mms
    *AOSP Calculator.
    *AOSP Mms.
    *Engadget -widget.
    *Google quick search -widget.
    *Google music -widget.
    *Google keyboard - currently not recognized.
    *Swype-market version - Apply through Swype settings>Simplicity.
    *Sony international keyboard - Apply through Xperia keyboard settings>appearances>skins.
    *Android clock - Apply by selecting "Ginger clock", 3rd choice.

    To report bugs and partly themed apps, please post a screen shot and the apk in question for me to look into at the link below. Not this page as i am unable to respond.Thank you.

    You can also find some extras at the above link including Apex/Nova themes.

    Screenshots taken using Sony Xperia T using android version 4.1.2.

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