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    Watch birds happily flying in clear blue sky, winter, autumn and forest in HD quality. Colorful birds and beautiful backgrounds make sky birds live Wallpaper better than the real birds in sky or in winter or in autumn or in forest, which will work in almost all phones/tabs including S4.

    Sky birds live wallpaper has a amazing feature, BIRDS LAY EGGS, EGGS HATCH TO CUTE SMALL BIRDS AND SMALL BIRDS GROW... which makes your phone/tab (including S4) looks fabulous like real bird life.

    SKY BIRDS live wallpaper has 29 different birds, select any 7 birds at a time from 29 birds to fly in your phone/tab and grow and lay eggs and hatch.

    Sky birds live wallpaper have five amazing backgrounds forest, sky, grass, winter, autumn, also four beautiful branches sakura with sakura flower petals falling, leaf branch with leaves falling, snow branch with snow fall, and autumn branch with maple leaves falling.

    Branches are suitable for each background, leaf branch for forest, sakura branch for blue sky and grass, snow branch for winter, maple leaf branch for autumn, as user can select any combination. Each branch have two lovely birds sitting near the nest, where birds lay eggs.

    Sky background with sakura branch has sakura flowers falling, forest with leaf branch has falling leaves, winter with snow branch has snow fall also autumn had maple leaf branch with maple leaves falling which really makes your phone/tab screen dazzling.

    This live wallpaper have Blue sky and grass background with moving clouds, forest, autumn, winter backgrounds with moving fog, which makes the screen really alive.

    Sky birds live wallpaper is in HD quality, with fully interactive features that supports almost all phones/tabs including S4. Both tablets and phones are fully supported in both portrait and landscape modes!


    Sky birds live wallpaper have :

    1. Five different backgrounds : sky, grass, forest, winter, autumn.
    2. Four different branches : sakura flower, leaf, snow, maple leaf.
    3. Have 29 different birds.
    4. Two different touch responses
    4.1 When you touch a bird it will fly away.
    4.2 When you touch the blank screen makes a new bird fly from that point.
    5. Enable or disable melodious bird sound.
    6. Four battery saving modes which optimizes the battery usage.
    7. Adjusting birds speed of flying.
    8. Adjusting speed of clouds/fog.
    9. Adjusting speed of falling sakura flower petals, leaves, snow, maple leaf.
    10. Faster bird growth (which makes bird lay eggs and hatching to cute small baby birds faster)
    11. Enable or disable birds.
    12. No ADS.

    If you enjoy this, please support us for making great apps in future.

    TO USE: home->menu->wallpapers.

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