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    Sky Fly Live Wallpaper

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    ***This live motion Sky Fly Live Wallpaper will put you in the pilot seat as you are flying over mountains and terrain like a bird....Best of all this is FREE!***

    Fast Fly Over Live Wallpaper is sure to impress.

    Use this as a relaxation or meditation tool.
    ITS AWESOME!!!!!

    The sky has never looked so beautiful. Don't miss out with this Fast Fly Over interactive wallpaper.

    To be honest I should not have to say one word to promote you to install this. If you do not enjoy this app as much as I did making this for you I will be very surprised. This is the coolest live wallpaper image Fast Fly Over Live Wallpaper I have ever seen.

    This is simply beautiful in every way!
    Watch the Sky Fly Live Wallpaper as a live image on your smart phone. Save as a wallpaper and or background. You control the user settings in this very user console.

    Control the speed and the resolution of your journey in the sky as per your personal specifications.
    Watch the soothing sky, mountains and clouds whisk through your phone as you fly in an ongoing and continuous fashion into the backdrop of your phone.

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