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    "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how I wonder what you are..." Use the chance to make your ideal phone background by using "Sky Stars Wallpapers"! Now you can finally enrich your phone with one of the most beautiful bright stars pictures - choose from a number of different wallpapers, customize the preferred picture as you like, and you'll get your beautiful design!

    - Easy-to-browse interface enables you to find the desired background in no time!
    - Customize the wallpaper to fit your taste and screen!
    - Zoom, un-zoom, rotate, move, scale, adjust brightness, add various effects and save your ideal design!

    From time immemorial mankind has looked to the heavens and wondered at the lights in the sky. Ancient people believed they could see shapes among the stars. They identified both animals and people, and each had its own story. Stars are the most plentiful objects in the visible universe. They provide the light and energy that fuels a solar system. They also create the heavy elements that are necessary to form life. Without them, there would be no life. The Sun provides energy for nearly every living thing on Earth. It also warms our planet's surface to create a virtual oasis in the coldness of space.
    Contrary to popular belief, stars do not actually twinkle. This phenomenon is a result of atmospheric interference. The effect is similar to what takes place on a hot summer day when you look across hot pavement or a parking lot. The rising air causes images to waver. This is what causes the twinkling effect. The lower it is in the sky, the more it will twinkle because its light must pass through more of the atmosphere.
    Stars are contained in galaxies. A galaxy also contains clouds of gas and dust. There are billions of them in the sky, which are far away from the Earth. Their chance alignments are known as constellations. Today, the 88 constellations are used by astronomers to organize the night sky and to identify the locations of the stars.
    Browse through various pictures with these motives and choose the one you find most appealing. Let your phone have a new glow with a twinkling background! Download the app immediately!

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