Slide Bowknot To Unlock




    This is a screen lock full of love on the main interface.
    Slide down the bow-knot to unlock the screen.
    Easy and simple to unlock.

    This screen lock supports:
    1.Check the current time and date quickly.

    2.Lock your phone screen.

    3.Unlock the phone screen easily.

    4.With sound and vibration effect the moment the screen is unlocked.

    5.Provide you a totally new screen lock.

    6.Allows you to lock with full screen or expand the status bar.

    Main Features:

    ---This is a free screen lock to download.

    ---It is customized for Android mobiles and tablets.

    ---The user interface is very nice and sweet.

    ---Use love as the theme of the screen lock.

    ---Bowknot is the main key to unlock the screen.

    ---It belongs to sliding series screen lock.

    ---With shortcut key unlocking quickly.

    Now you know much more about the lock and how to unlock the screen.
    In summery,there are two methods to unlock the screen.
    One is to slide down the bow-knot to unlock the screen.
    The other is to use the shortcut key.The "Find " button is the shortcut key.
    Long pressing the Find key is also able to unlock the screen.

    We want to provide a quality application for you.
    If you have any suggestion or question,please let us know.
    Looking forward to your email.

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