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    This is an interesting screen lock.
    It could be used to lock and unlock your phone screen.
    And this screen lock is free.

    If you download this screen lock into your phone,it could change the outlook.
    Actually,this screen lock is very simple and easy to use.
    The main feature of this screen lock is simplicity.

    Main Features:
    1.Slide up the lock icon to unlock your phone screen.

    2.The remaining battery could be displayed on the main screen.

    3.You could get quick access to the current time and date.

    4.It is allowed to enable ringtone and vibration effect.

    5.The background of the unlocking screen is very simple.

    After you download this application into your phone,you have to go to the locker settings first.
    Here the first thing you need to do is to enable the locker.
    Only when you enable the locker,it could start to work.

    As for the ringtone and vibration,you could turn them on or off as you like.
    For example, if you are in a meeting,for the politeness,you should not make any sound.
    At this time,you need to turn the vibration and ringtone off.
    As for other condition,you could turn them on.
    It all depends on you.

    Don't miss such a great screen lock.
    I believe you will like it!!!

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