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    Smart Mobile Ring
    Tired of manually adjust your phone's Ringer Mode and Volumes everyday when you go to school or your company, and adjust again after leaving? Ever experienced embarrassing loud rings in the middle of classes or meetings, or missed calls after leaving because you forgot to adjust the Ringer Mode? Say goodbye to these embarrassing situations, let Smart Mobile Ring take care of it!

    Do you have a smart ringer which can auto change your phone in-coming call setting? Different call ringtones in different occasions are available to you for free now. When an incoming call or text message arrive, you will not feel embarrassed again about the disturbance or out-of-earshotting.

    Adjust Ringer Mode and all volumes based on time.

    1. In NORMAL part, you can set your ringer modes manually.

    2. In CUSTOM part, you can set your phone volume levels and ringer modes.

    3. This is ONLY intended for MANUAL switching!

    4. Also if you want automatic or timed switching, go look for another part TIMING.

    5. This is intended to switch profiles automatically!

    6. Automatically set profiles depending on time of day.

    7. In this app, you can set the mode of the ring, such as ring&vibrate, ring only, vibrate only and silent.

    8. Surprise is that it can switch to another mode on time.

    "Ring&vibrate" is for the noisy market and street, but "ring only" is widely used in a room for cell ringtones. "Vibrate" is used in a relatively quiet area. While, "silent" may be used in the process of having a meeting.

    You can create time-based profiles to let Smart Mobile Ring to take care of your Ringer and Volumes settings anytime anywhere.

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