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    Ever wished your phone was smart enough to adjust volumes and change wallpapers based on the active WiFi connection?

    How about doing that without eating your battery for breakfast?

    Your search is over!

    Meet Smartfy.

    An app designed to take care of simple things for you, without destroying your device's battery life in the process.

    In Smartfy, you can:
    * Define virtual locations
    * Assign WiFi networks to those locations
    * Adjust each virtual location's settings
    ** Volumes
    ** Sounds
    ** Vibration
    ** Quiet Hours
    ** Wallpaper
    * Smartfy will automatically apply your settings when you get near a registered WiFi spot.
    * There's also a Virtual Location for when you are not near any WiFi spot

    To work, Smartfy requires a few things:
    * Access to your WiFi
    * Access to your Sound Settings
    * Access to your SD Card (to store stuff)
    * Access to your Wallpaper (to change it)
    * Access to the Internet (for ads)

    You can turn the ads off in the settings.

    Smartfy respects your privacy and will not send anything anywhere, Internet Access is used purely for Advertisements. If we are ever allowed to sell stuff from our country, we will make a pro version without it.

    Always keep in mind:
    Smartfy loves your battery.
    Smartfy does NOT run in the background.
    Smartfy will not drain power.
    Smartfy requires that you keep WiFi enabled at all times.
    If you really need to conserve power, you're better off turning Automatic Sync anyway :)

    Enjoy and please send back feedback and comments!

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