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    behold live smoking symbolism on your android screen. get this laughing skull live wallpaper and hd skull wallpaper now. skull of the smoke or the smoking skull symbolism. of smoke formed skull dead, as a symbol of the dangers of smoking to health and imminent death of people. when talking about smoking skull, van gogh painting is the one piece of art that need to be noted. skull with burning cigarette painted by vincent van gogh is probably one of his most morbid and enticing paintings thus far for me. the painting is of a human skeleton against a black background with a lit cigarette between its teeth. cigarette app, skull live backgrounds, skull free wallpaper. this app indeed skull wallpaper and skull head photo. i am head over heels in love with skull with burning cigarette because there are so many outlooks to this particular painting. you can come up with so many conclusions to what this painting means and find yourself with another point of view you were not expecting. my first thoughts upon viewing this painting was maybe it had something to do with satire. i mean come on, a dead skeleton with a cigarette had me thinking van gogh was talking to smokers about their bad habit.

    once i thought about the subject it perplexed me to no end that despite knowing the dangers of smoking, people still take up the disgusting habit. pay attention to danger of cigerette smoke, quit smoking as possible as you can. if you like burning skull and scary wallpapers you need to get this app. another thought that came to mind was that van gogh was trying to convey that death or ghost effects is not as bad as it seems. again, dead skeleton smoking is probably the ultimate freedom a dead person can have if they were a smoker while they were alive depending on your views of death and afterlife. then again, it could be pure torture being dead and still in the world of the living without actually being part of it. retina wallpapers. i think we have one life for a reason and to continue attempting to live beyond that would seem like purgatory to me. a smoking purgatory at that. this portray or convey an injurious and health problem life that is scary, dark wallpaper and even kill.

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