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    Happy New Year 2013

    Science knows about 2600 species of snakes. Almost all predators that specialize in hunting for live prey.
    There are a couple of exceptions, such as the amazing yaytseyadnaya snake or snakes that eat carrion.
    Most snakes vision is rather weak, which registers only moving objects.
    King Cobra - the only snake that eats other snakes, including poisonous.

    Internal organs snakes are located in the body of a snake. Interesting fact that snakes have a large left lung, in some species

    right lung is absent.
    Venomous snakes are used as guards, where are useless electronic system. So decided to

    Stockholm zoo, where thieves stole a number of rare animals. Indian King Cobra released in a room with

    electronic system is fully secured sleep as staff and zoo animals.

    At a meeting of the king cobra face off growth.
    The oldest snake in the world boa named Popeye, who died in 1977, aged 40 years, 3 months and 14 days.

    African snake egg is unique in that it can only eat eggs of birds, the diameter of which can significantly

    exceed the dimensions of the snake. Can the snake is very active connections through the skull, teeth, and underdeveloped

    Special spikes cervical vertebrae. Thanks to them, the snake opens the shell, swallowing and spitting out the liquid and then

    of shell.

    Some snake venom is so powerful that can kill an elephant.
    Snakes - extremely tenacious creatures.

    The biggest and longest snake in the world - a python named Fluffy out of the zoo in the city Ogayo.Emu 18, weighs 136 kg and a length

    Body of 7 meters and 31 centimeters.

    Fluffy longest snake brought in the Guinness Book of Records.

    Vipers catch prey, bite, inject venom and return to the starting position in 70 milliseconds.

    Black mamba - the fastest zmeya.Ee speed over 20 km / h

    Began to appear silent rattlesnakes, who are afraid of people.

    Snakes have an unlimited supply of canines, as often they break.

    In the U.S., 8,000 people a year suffer from the bites of poisonous snakes.

    My favorite food is king cobra - snakes.

    Vipers and rattlesnakes often help teeth when ingested prey.

    Most venomous snake - the Australian Taipan.

    Taipan can bite man to 8 times and not to indulge in

    Cobra bites often can not inject venom.

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