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    Let your phone take you through a rotating asteroid field of colorful spheres, electro magnetic clouds and projectile-like comets. Supports vertical and horizontal scroll on all devices including HTC Sense 3.0 where background scroll normally doesn't work.

    This is a live wallpaper. Activate it from home -> menu -> wallpapers -> live wallpapers or just start this app to launch the settings screen.

    Full version let's you customize:

    - select background:
    * "Butterfly" Nebula NGC 6302
    * Solar Eclipse
    * Earth
    * Crab Nebula
    * "Rose" Arp 273
    * Vesta (Asteroid)
    * Deep Space (Black background)
    - adjust rotation
    - adjust speed
    - set number of particles
    - set particle size
    - set particle color
    - optional cycle colors of particles and sett cycle speed
    - set particle concentration
    - select level of color randomness
    - select different particle shapes
    - set number of projectiles
    - adjust cloud intensity
    - adjust the strength of the electromagnetic field

    This live wallpaper is based on OpenGL and will make use of your phones GPU. This means less impact on overall phone performance. When the home-screen is not visible (i.e when phone is asleep or when running an app) the wallpaper is disabled and consumes no battery power.

    The background images are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution from NASA Goddard Photo and Video.

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