Sparkling Planet

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    Here is the app with colorful illustrations of boys and girls laugh and cry.
    I finally complete to put my illustrations into app.
    You can bring and enjoy them anytime and anytime.

    Born on October 28th.
    If my drawings make you a bit happy, I am delighted.
    My works are displayed in exhibitions at cafés and galleries, live paintings at events are also held.
    Working on illustrations for free magazines, websites, standby screens and decomails for mobile phones.

    -Official website


    1. Browsing illustrations.
    2. Slide shows. (Interval settings included.)
    3. Save as wallpaper. (Set for Lock screen or Home screen.)

    -Recommendation from slowtime design.
    TOMO’s illustration may express mental pictures of people.
    They look kawaii but on the other hand, also scary, since weakness of people also seep out from them.

    I can easily imagine that she will work on illustrations for picture books and magazines in near future.

    -Produced by slowtime design Inc.
    We provide “mattari” for the world.