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    Interesting facts about Spitz:

    Pomeranian - decorative breed of dog. Some cynological Federation to examine the orange as a variety of German Spitz, other allocate it in a separate breed. The Pomeranian Spitz is often confused with the German Spitz, but they differ in appearance: the Pomeranian Spitz coat cotton, soft and padded, muzzle should be short and German prevails top hair coat and a muzzle, as a rule, more elongated. Pomeranian is a miniature and small, rarely middle.The name comes from the name of a historical region in Germany - Pomerania. This is the smallest member of the Spitz.

    During the reign of Queen Victoria, in 1870, of Spitz Pomeranian get to England, where begins the work on creation of the dwarf form, improve the «service» Spitz and giving him a total of sophistication. The beauty of the best representatives of the British and American Pomerantsev a great impact on the breeders around the world, and gradually Spitz in other countries vary, pulling itself to the master Pomeranian though.Pomeranian - dog companion, very intelligent, has a developed sense of dignity, is committed to its owner, loves children, very sociable and friendly, easy to train and not whimsical in the content. Spitz dog is created for joy and fellowship with man. In this little dog with intelligent, expressive eyes and a big smile, placed a huge sea of love, devotion to his master, readiness to follow him to the world's end.
    History of the Pomeranian Spitz goes in centuries past, where the first mentioned ancestors Spitz ordinary. Believe that the mind put fossil dog pile dwellings Switzerland stone age, the so-called fossil Spitz pile dwellings or peat dog Neolithic period.

    Under one number classification FCI unites five varieties of German Spitz, the only difference can be considered in color and size. One of such forms is the toy Spitz. Dwarf Spitz more common in America and England. The second name of the dwarf Spitz Pomeranian. This is a very active indoor dog, tiny sizes. With the mind it can be taken for a beautiful and touching the soft toy. The dog has a very complicated character. A small lump very self-confident and daring dog, but will never be a problem. Dogs differ wit, quick to learn, adapt quickly to changing conditions. His master these dogs are supremely devoted, they are affectionate, responsive, very sensitive. The owner of the toy Spitz ready to go anywhere. He needs care and constant communication with the close people.

    Spitz easily find, thanks to a pointed muzzle, pointed standing ear and fluffy tail in the ring. Elegant coat grows abundantly on the chest and shoulders, legs. Thick coat, standing vertically on the back of a dense undercoat gives this dog breed is its originality and uniqueness. Hair care does not require significant effort. Once a week to comb the dog. Spitz is active, energetic, loves to move. In his person, you can buy a faithful and reliable friend for many years. The skillful training Spitz can be a wonderful companion.

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