Squiggly Live Wallpaper




    Squiggly Live Wallpaper is for creating your own beautiful live wallpapers. It creates wallpaper by drawing shapes in random positions one at a time on the screen. You decide what shapes to draw, what color, what thickness, how many and at what speed. You will be amazed by how many different live wallpapers you can create with this app.


    *4 different shapes to choose from.
    *You choose the color of the shapes.
    *You choose the thickness of the shapes.
    *You choose the color of the background.
    *You choose the speed the shapes are draw.
    *You choose the max number of shapes.

    This is the full version, there is a Free Lite version with some of the above functions limited, please download either of them and create the most amazing live wallpapers you have ever seen.

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