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    With the divine blessings of Sri Sainath, on31st May 2004,
    Sadguru Darga Swamy of Kadapa District laid the foundation
    of Sri Sai Darbar. Within a span of one year the Mandir
    construction was completed.

    On 1st June 2005, with the blessings of Sri Sainath
    5.6 ‘ statue of Sri Saibaba, was brought from Jaipur, Rajasthan
    and was consecrated by Sadguru Darga Swamy.
    Sri Saibaba’s statue was first taken to shirdi saibaba’s sansthan
    for worship there and then brought to Nellore.
    Sri Saibaba’s statue has indescribable beauty, the smiles of
    brilliance and communicates with devotees in a natural manner.

    The mandir was constructed on 18 pillars(1+8=9)
    symbolic to the 9 sutras of devotion.
    Devotees themselves have worked as labour to lift the sand,
    gravel and stones in the construction of the mandir.
    Executive committee of the mandir along with the engineer,
    head mason and sculptor went to shirdi and brought the
    measurements of the peetham, platform, Samadhi and the tower
    which are exactly used in the construction of the mandir.
    6 crores saikotinaamams written by the devotees in a span
    of 5 years were placed in the Samadhi.
    Glasses in the mandir were designed in 6 months by the
    expert workers of Delhi. Saibaba the omnipresent and the
    Lord of infinitely many universes’s darshan is experienced
    in the glasses of mandir on all sides. Saibaba’s divine leelas
    are picturised in glasses itself on all the 4 sides of the walls.
    Devotees went on a pilgrimage to Shirdi from Sai Darbar,
    Nellore chanting the divine name
    and brought the sacred fire from the ‘Dhuni’ and started
    the Dhuni, chanting the vedic mantras.
    That sacred fire (Dhuni) is perpetual even today.
    In the first floor of the mandir a meditation hall and a library
    of spiritual books are located. Vigna ganapathi, Anjaneya swamy,
    Dattatreyaswamy, Neem tree and Peepal tree are present in the
    mandir campus. Since 24th February 2000 Bhajans are being
    organised in the devotees’ houses on every Sunday, free of cost.
    Poor feeding is continued in the everyday afternoon at the
    mandir since 9th August 2005.
    Sriramanavami, Gurupurnima, Vijayadasami, Duttajayanti,
    New Year celebrations are being performed on the lines of
    Shirdi Sanshtan traditions. Every year in the month of Karthika
    a pilgrimage to Shirdi along with sai devotees is being organised.
    Human eyes have a limitation for the vision/darshan of
    Sai Darbar. Devotees from other states are also visiting the
    Sai Darbar. Sadguru Dargaswamy, Ramanamaharshi,
    Swamy Viswachaitanya, Gopalbaba, Kurtalam peethadhipathi,
    Chandrabhanusatpathi, Sri Swarupanandedra saraswathiswamy,
    Sri Nichayandrasaraswathiswamy and other spiritual gurus
    sanctified the mandir with their visit and darshan of Sai Darbar.

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