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    Star Trek Sound Board Ringtone

    by: Moggy Moo Media 0 0

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    These are the sounds of the Star Trek Enterprise.
    To boldly go where no sounds have gone before.
    A great range of ringtones from:-
    The original series.
    Next Generation.
    Once installed no further downloads required.
    Right click on any audio file and the options will pop up to allow you to:-
    Save as a ringtone.
    Set it as your notification tone.
    Set it as an alarm call.
    Over 70 sounds including:-

    From the original series.
    Closing Credits.
    Computer 01.
    Computer 02.
    Computer 03.
    Computer 04.
    Computer 05.
    Computer 06.
    Computer Working.
    Episode Ending.
    Kirk Captains Log Supplemental.
    Kirk Dont Like Mysteries.
    Kirk Sulu Intruder.
    Kirkspock You're Illogical Approach.
    Photon Torpedo 1.
    Red Alert.
    Scotty Aye Sir.
    Scotty Up Ur Shaft.
    Spock Checkmate.
    Spock Fascinating.
    Spock I Am Not Capable.
    Spock Illogical.
    Spock In The Hands Of An Adolescent.
    Spock Live Long.
    Sulu Phaser's Ready.
    Suspense 01.
    Suspense 02.
    Suspense 03.
    Suspense 04.
    Transporter Pad 01.
    Turbo Lift Door.
    Uhura Charlie X Song.

    From the Next Generation.
    Computer 2 Hours.
    Computer Affirmative.
    Computer Program Complete.
    Computer Transfer Complete.
    Computer Working.
    Data All Systems.
    Data Being Hailed.
    Data I Have Access.
    Locutus Ur Life Is Over.
    Picard Engage.
    Picard Make It So.
    Picard Status Report.
    Worf Incoming Message.

    From Voyager.
    Comp 01.
    Comp 02.
    Doc Deceit.
    Doc Download.
    Doc Not A Database.
    Doc One Down.
    Doc Please State.
    Doc Starfleet.
    Doc Vulcan Brain.
    Janeway Battle Stations.
    Janeway Good News.
    Janeway Officers.
    Kes Activate.
    Neelix Do Not Disturb.
    Tom Secret Agents.
    Tuvok Comms Blocked.
    Tuvok Groovy.
    Tuvok Malfunction.
    Tuvok New Config.

    Future updates will include more clips for your enjoyment.

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