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    feel and watch the calming scenery of summer village st. martin canal on your android screen. summer village canal is a scenery live wallpaper featuring a retina wallpapers of beautiful and calming painting of st. martin canal france by alfred sisley (1839–1899), perfect to calm your mind. canal saint-martin attracts sundry crowds. Get this paris wallpaper and themes and paris city wallpaper now. model-types pose along the canal’s banks while unshaven philosophers ruminate waterside and demure couples dine at brightly colored boulangeries. paris wallpapers. canal saint-martin’s conspicuous lifestyle contrasts its residential attributes—simple rectangular windows scale the neighborhood’s utilitarian apartment buildings.

    as a place to see and be seen, canal saint-martin is especially popular with angst-ridden university students—it’s the perfect setting for finding oneself while watching others. This is paris city and paris photo app. in the spring and summer, locals come in droves to the banks of the saint-martin canal to picnic, strum guitars waterside, and bask in the lazy long evenings as dusk settles over the photogenic area. paris tour. cafes and quirky boutiques flank the water and iron footbridges. on sundays, two streets running parallel to the canal, quai de valmy and quai de jemmapes, are reserved for pedestrians and cyclists—perfect for renting a bike and seeing the city from a fresh angle. consider taking a cruise of the canal saint-martin and paris' underground waterways for a memorable experience. paris travel. particularly intriguing are the canal's lock systems, which fill certain stretches of the canal up with water at record speeds to allow passage of boats through otherwise too-low areas.

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