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    Decorate your desktop wallpaper with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises from anywhere in the world on your Android.

    Sunrise Wallpaper is a new application in a few seconds you will find many images that include real images of different landscapes from mountains to grasslands, coasts to deserts, animals and landscapes that can be discovered as you progress.

    Share with family and friends.

    Very easy and simple, slide through our gallery with the arrow keys, and once chosen the fund that best matches your preferences Set this as wallpaper. Share images with family or friends.

    And it works without any problem, funds have been optimized for energy consumption is really low in all tablets and smartphones that have been tested.

    This wallpaper supports almost all the screen resolutions, any phone that came with Android OS 2.0 or later should work fine.

    Why this wallpaper permissions need Internet?
    As far as getting to keep free apps for you, it shows a small banner at the top of the screen. This ad will load the content via the Internet, which is why this permission is necessary.