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    Published: 2013-07-26, by .

    Superhero Wallpaper HD is a compilation of well-crafted designs of most-known superheroes

    • Variety of characters
    • Minimalist personal style
    • Ease of use
    • Annoying pop-up ads
    • Needs a sharing button

    "Show off your phone with excellent designs of Superheroes"

    Iron Man, Joker, Hellboy, Spiderman... Mario Bros, Thor, Hulk, Batman, Captain America... Do I keep listing them? I would spend the whole day doing it since the amount of wallpapers featuring superheroes seems endless in this app. Drawn with a personal style, Rebellious Moders (its developer) has brought a great compilation of most-known, and actually not-so-well-known, characters of comic books. A style that can be defined as minimalist, mostly featuring closeups.

    Besides the variety, one of the plus points of this app is that it perfectly fits homescreen background: no need to adjust it after applying the wallpaper. Thus, its minimalist personal style, the amount of available wallpapers and the easy make it a good choice if you are an animation series fan.

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    Jul 26, 2013


    Superheroes are every kids' fantasy. They dream about becoming superheroes with super powers like Superman, Wolverine, Spider man, Thor, Wonder woman and others. Superheroes who arrive from other planets have captured kid' imaginations worldwide. Superhero leaders like Optimus Prime, Bumble Bee and others from Transformers is loved not just as movies but as action figures & toys. Then there's this other brand of superheroes who are billionaires, playboys & philanthropists at the same time; the likes of Iron Man, Batman, Hulk, flash, phantom, Captain America etc who are more human but mesmerize you with super-human intelligence, ultra cool gadgets, rocket launchers & super sexy suits! When one superhero is not enough to 'save the world', superhero teams like Justice League, Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-men and other take center stage enthralling us in awesome action!

    Superhero Wallpaper HD is the first installment in the Superhero Wallpaper series. Browse through terrific pictures of your favorite superheroes that you so loved when you were young and set them as wallpapers on your home screen. Superhero Wallpapers HD app is build to make the child in you happy. It brings you the best curated superhero wallpapers from across the world. These wallpapers are hand picked and adjusted to look beautiful on your home screen.

    Superheroes have come a long way since comic books. Superheroes're action packed marvels like Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight series featuring The Batman, Zac Znyder's Man of Steel featuring The Superman, Michael bay's Transformers, Tobey McGuire's Spider-man Series, Hugh Jackman's Wolverine & X-Men, Avengers, Iron Man, Green Lantern, Chris Hemsworth's Thor & Thor 2 among several other super hits. There had been a fair share of women super heroes aka super-heroines too, like Super Girl, Wonder Woman, Jean Grey, Storm, Black Widow, Invisible Woman, Electra, Cat Woman, Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel, Poison Ivy etc.

    By most definitions these characters do not strictly require actual superhuman powers. Terms such as costumed crime fighters or masked vigilantes are sometimes used to refer to characters like Batman and Green Arrow. Such characters were generally referred to as "mystery men" in the so-called Golden Age of Comic Books to distinguish them from characters with super-powers. Superheroes like Teen Titans, Green Lantern, Aquaman & Punisher also possess superhuman powers.

    They use their powers to counter day-to-day crime while also combating threats against humanity by supervillains, their criminal counterparts. Often, one of these supervillains will be their archenemy. Some of the long running superheroes, such as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and Iron Man have an entire array of enemies. They also combat irregular threats like aliens, magical/fantasy entities, American war enemies such as nazism or communism, and godlike or demonic creatures.

    Cartoons have had their share of super heroes too. Superhero teams like The Incredibles, Power Rangers, Dragon Warrior (Po) & his team from Kung fu Panda, Ben 10 have been popular not just as super hero movies/comics/shows but also as a wide array of toys & merchandise. The Superhero wallpapers are categorized into sections based on the superhero name. You can chose from over 20 different superheroes and over 300+ superhero wallpapers. You never know, these images may make you feel as awesome as your favorite superhero! ;)

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