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    [Tuna Apps Ringtone Changer is now TA Ringtone Changer]

    Bored of just listening to same Ringtone/Notification sound?? Want to assign all your favorite Ringtones and Notification sound, at once for your phone?? Want to randomize your Ringtones/Notifications per call/notification?? Then,this is the App for you.

    ## Ya, Use all your Ringtones and Notification sounds, not just one !!

    TunaApps Ringtone Changer will help you create a playlist of your favorite Ringtones and Notification tones, And your Ringtone/Notification tone will be changed automatically according to the list that you create (Change can occur per call/notification, or per time interval that you wish).

    ### Preview feature added, Now you can preview the tones selected ###


    # Create "playlist" of Ringtone and Notification.

    # Changes "both" Ringtone and Notifications at the same time.

    # Highly Configurable, Change can be set per Call/Notification and per time( Half hour, One hour, Half day, One day).

    # All "mp3" and "ogg" files in your SD card and internal memory can be set as your Ringtone and Notification by creating playlists.( Best in Market).

    # Ringtone and Notifications are set "randomly" from the playlist

    # No need of trimmer for Ringtone.

    # Preview of tones selected.

    Detailed Description:

    * As You can create Ringtone list and Notification list at the same time, thus you can have multiple ringtones and multiple Notifications at the same time (As per the lists you create).

    * The coolest feature of this app is that, After each call or notification, The Ringtone/Notification tone can/will change to any of the tone that you entered in your favorite list.

    * State of the Art design of this app enables you to access all your Audio files (.mp3 and .ogg) in your device (both External media and Internal media) so that you can create a good list of Ringtones or Notifications that automatically shuffles.

    * Five options available for frequency of Ringtone/Notification change : per Call/Notification, per half an hour, per hour, per 12 hours, per day.

    * The beauty of this app lies in its design itself, It creates small chunk of the big audio files that you select. So You don't need a Ringtone trimmer!!.( only Ringtones supported, Pro version supports Ringtones and Notifications).

    * You can preview the tones that you selects for the list.

    * After all, Its an app worth Installing !!Grab it for free, Pro version will be also available.

    ## For Honey Comb, if App fails to show all your sound files (in both internal and external source), Please clear the cache of the App, And just start App again. Inconvenience due to Stale data exception, Clearing Cache will do the magic for you!!

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    by Tuna App Labs.

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