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    Wonderfull slideshow of Tarzan movie heroes.

    In the 19th century, an English couple and their infant son escape a burning ship, ending up on land near uncharted rainforests off the coast of Africa.
    The couple craft themselves a treehouse from their ship's wreckage, but are subsequently killed by Sabor, a rogue leopardess. Kala, a female gorilla who
    recently lost her own child to Sabor, hears the cries of the orphaned human infant and finds him in the ruined treehouse. Though she is attacked by Sabor,
    Kala and the baby manage to escape. Kala takes the baby back to the gorilla troop to raise as her own, despite her mate Kerchak's disapproval. Kala raises
    the human child, naming him Tarzan. Though he befriends other gorillas in the troop and other animals, including the young female gorilla Terk and the
    paranoid male elephant Tantor, Tarzan finds himself unable to keep up with them, so he takes great efforts to improve himself. As a young man, Tarzan is able
    to kill Sabor with his crude spear and protect the troop, earning Kerchak's reluctant respect.

    - Kala
    - Kerchak
    - Tarzan
    - Tantor
    - Terkina (Terk)
    - Professor Archimedes Q. Porter
    - Mr. Clayton
    - Jane

    - More then 20 HD Wallpapers
    - Background soundtrack playback
    - Slideshow mode
    - Infinite loop
    - Set as Wallpaper
    - Music on/off

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