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    Interesting facts about Tattoo:

    Tattoo - the process of applying permanent ( persistent ) pattern on the body by a local injury of the skin with the introduction of the subcutaneous kletchatkukrasyaschego pigment. Refers to decorative body modification. Typically , the tattoo and her kind are defined by the customer , or the conditions of life and society. Tattoo nocit genetic distinctiveness , subdivided into types , styles and methods of manufacture. Tattoo - a term borrowed from the Polynesian language of the Tahitian dialect word "Tata" is drawing . In English the word has entered the celebrated British puteshestvennikDzheyms Cook. He used it in a report about traveling around the world , published in 1773. Prior to this tattoo in Europe was way to decorate and identify the human body and does not separately named . Cook the terms used to determined the total weight of the tattoo in the techniques of direct ornaments and symbols of the human body . Sometimes were borrowed from the jargon and slang of different social groups. A list of the most interesting symbols tattoos, which in the past were used in Western Europe : «signum» and «stigma» - these words are known from the literature of ancient Rome , the word «stygmat» found in the Bible , published by Luther in 1534 , «grafism» - in J. Casanova. «Hieroglif» - wrote in "The Marriage of Figaro" by Beaumarchais PO . The word "sign" , "fingerprint " found in the novel "Les Miserables" Victor Hugo.

    After the Cook term "tattoo " was adopted immediately, as predominating in relation to one and the same process of decorating the body , at the various peoples of the world. At first, the word "tattoo" was associated with a procedure performed in Tahiti.Gradually, the term "tattoo" was distributed in most European countries , adapting to different languages and , filling a niche in the lexicon exact description of the object in question . The very notion of a "tattoo" , which is already covered all the variations of this phenomenon in the world, first came to the "Dictionary of Medicine" , prepared by the Belgian GP Nistenom in 1856. Then, E. Littre introduced him to the "Great French dictionary ."Evaluation of tattoo is done not only by the " accounting area " ordered operation , but also the likely complexity of the work performed , as well as the time spent on the production design.In the Maori people living in New Zealand , the art of tattooing - a sacred rite .

    In Japan , the 500 body decoration tattoo was the privilege of the emperors , and later it turned into a decorative art . But over time, the art of tattoo has become a symbol of the underworld. In ancient Japan, a man with a tattoo was persona non grata , his banished from the family and society, condemning to complete isolation . Tattoos on the body of criminals usually made in a conspicuous place and could not even tell to what they were serving prison sentences . As time has become the hallmark of the yakuza .Yakuza have for centuries used extensive tattoos as a sign of belonging to a group , as well as to indicate their position in the group.

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