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    Tearing Unlock Screen

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    Tear the certain part of the locked screen and you can unlock screen from this app. Welcome to download this free app and rip to unlock screen. Have fun!

    Date and time display
    Rip to unlock
    Vibrate and sound effects
    Full screen and status bar mode
    Easy and simple to use
    Operating on Android system only

    From the locked screen, you can check the current date and time, besides unlocking screen. Tear the certain part of the locked screen to unlock screen. The part says ¡°rip to unlock¡±, so unlock screen by what it says.

    In the Settings of Tearing Unlock Screen, you can open this app by clicking the button for activated.
    Then you will see the switches of vibrate and sound effects, press them to open and close the effects. This app looks better with these functions on.
    You also can choose the display mode for locked screen, full screen or status bar. In my opinion, the full screen mode is the better and beautiful one, although you cannot open the notification bar from this kind of lock screen display.

    Anyway, we hope that you will like this app and have some fun with it. Thanks for download it.

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    This app is free for all.
    Please leaving 5 stars or a good comment if you like this app. And you also can contact us though email. Thanks for your support!

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