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    This widget will enlighten you with facts from chess history about events that occured on the current date!

    Learn about the events that shaped chess history every day with this chess history calendar widget!

    The widget will change throughout the day (once an hour) and flip through the events of that day in chess history. You can always click on the widget and get a complete list of events with the year and month of all the events on the current date sorted chronologically.

    You can also do a keyword search on event, player names etc to find information throughout all of chess history.
    For instance search on "Kasparov" or "Fischer" or "Deep Blue" to find important events in chess history concerning those keywords.

    Finally, you can also customize the background of the widget to suit your home screen!

    You can also share the info with other people and optionally get a notification every day.
    The notifcation will also show up on a smartwatch with Android Wear.

    Note: After installing the widget simply go to the widget section on your phone and add the widget for it to work.
    (On most phones simply long press on a space on the home screen).

    The widget takes up one row of 4 icons on your home screen, which is really not much so all chess history lovers should have space on the home screen for this new widget!

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