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    Application of the rotation of the device to switch ON and WiFi GPS, Bluetooth, screen, or OFF.
    If you want to start the GPS in a state that Open the app and maps If you want to change the orientation of the screen while running the application,
    Do you operate a switch like?
    Galaxy series, etc. can be switched ON and think of the device, can be easily OFF select an item in the notification area down the status bar.
    However, there is no entry terminal of switching device ON and OFF in the notification area, such as the status bar came to an Xperia and Nexus series or will do?
    I think that will be performed to switch the device ON and OFF from the widget set from or quit the application at a time.
    In this way, very time-consuming.
    In addition, those items out of the device to switch ON and OFF in the notification area in addition to this application There are, further selection will appear after you select the notification area,
    Has become a form where you select a device switch.

    However, it put the items of device switching ON and OFF Toggle in the notification area this is, of course, simply select the icon for the device are arranged in the notification area,
    Device can be switched.
    Can be switched ON, simply select the device in the OFF For this reason, you want to switch from the devices in a user operation is conducted under the status bar down, in the notification area.
    Due to limited number of operations compared to other applications, can be more convenient, more comfortable to do the switching.
    Switching Wi-Fi Bluetooth GPS switching aspect of the toggle switch to change display settings without closing the switch terminal app not support the effective use standard terminal launcher set the notification area Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / GPS / placement customize various settings set toggle switch to switch the status bar switching switching

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