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    Touch tone Terrorist JIMBOB

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    Touch tone Terrorist JIMBOB

    The Touch-Tone Terrorists are actually one man, Pete Dzoghi[1] who also goes by the name of "RePete". He purchased a series of 1-800 numbers, including ones that were one digit different than actual customer service numbers for companies such as (apparently) UPS, Airborne Express, Jiffy Lube, an auto insurance "claims support line", a psychic hotline, a pen manufacturer, a bank, department store, phone company, and others.[2] Using a Gentner SPH-3A telephone hybrid and a Yamaha SPX-90 electronic pitch transposer to alter his voice over the phone, he would take incoming calls from people who had misdialed the number and were under the assumption that they had dialed the right number. He created a series of ridiculous exaggerated characters, all of which were voiced by him.[2]

    Several Touch-Tone Terrorists calls were featured on the TV show Crank Yankers on Comedy Central and MTV2, most notably the Yankerville Parcel Service calls.

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