This is an assistive, adaptable communication application, designed in conjunction with a number of professional OTs and SLTs. It was created as part of the four "Touch&___" Apps, posted under this name.
    In essence, the app provides a simple interface consisting of a number of buttons, which will read aloud the text selected for them when activated and which the user can redesign for their own needs.


    The app allows a healthcare professional, or the user themselves, to create numerous accounts, with specific settings for the app, which will be saved between uses.

    Settings which can be changed include the ability to add up to four buttons and to add new images and text for each button. A number of default options are provided.

    New images can be added by placing them within the user's account folder which is created on the device's SD card at .../TouchAppsSettings/AccountName

    The user can also resize these buttons.

    Finally, the app provides for a number of different interaction mechanisms. The user can select to use the app with an assistive switch device, to simply press the buttons as they are present on the screen, to make use of multiple taps anywhere on screen (eg: tap twice to activate the second button), to hold one's touch for a duration specific to each button or to hold one's touch to cause the focus to cycle between buttons.

    It is also possible to change the timing options for these various mechanisms.

    Please Note:

    This App was primarily designed for use with tablet devices, although it should function on other mobile devices

    Although switch accessible, to date, it has only been possible to test this with a single switch system.