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    One and only best hypnotic optical illusion available in Android!!!

    "Want to trick your eyes into seeing weird stuff? Twister Illusion can give you the perception of objects warping before you in a matter of seconds. It projects a moving image on the phone's display, and after staring at its center for half a minute, you start experiencing the effect once you look away. Be aware, however, that it might get you dizzy after a while, so don't overdo it."
    Amuse yourself with a animating psychedelic hypnotic pattern that will trick your eyes and appear to breathe,shrink and expand.This really works and it will distort your vision.
    You will hallucinate after watching this optical illusion for 30 seconds as if you are tripping out. This is a hypnosis for you are high.
    Warning: Do not continue if you are uncomfortable when exposed to flashing lights!

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