UCCW Skin - Compass Rose Clock

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    Circular clock widget. In addition to the date and time, this skin also displays number of missed calls, unread texts, emails, and battery charge indicator (decreasing blue circle). Tapping on any of the indicators launches its corresponding app:
    - Missed Calls -> Dialer
    - Emails -> Gmail
    - Texts -> Text Messaging

    Additionally, widget settings can be accessed by tapping the cog in the lower-right corner. Tapping the time brings up the "Clock" app, and tapping the date brings up a calendar app. All of these apps can be customized (follow directions below), and some will NEED to be (the default calendar app is CalenGoo, which many won't have).

    Configurable elements within Settings:
    - Choose apps to launch when clicking on:
    - Missed calls (default: dialer)
    - Unread texts (default: text messaging)
    - Unread emails (default: Gmail)
    - Time (default: clock)
    - Date (default: CalenGoo)
    - Colors (everything that's currently blue can be changed to different colors, per the user's preference)


    Before Downloading this skin, make sure that the free UCCW app is already installed on your device:

    =======ADDING TO HOMESCREEN=======

    1) Long press on Home Screen > Widgets > UCCW 4x4 > uccw_compass_rose_clock
    2) Tap on "Touch Here" widget
    3) Long press new widget > Resize > Drag until widget is preferred size
    4) Tap on cog icon in lower-right corner
    5) Fill in settings:
    a) Set Gmail account and inbox (widget will display unread count in that inbox)
    b) Review and set "Hotspots" (apps to run when you click on calls, texts, or emails)
    Hotspot 1: Phone
    Hotspot 2: Email app
    Hotspot 3: Text/SMS app
    Hotspot 5: Clock/alarm app
    Hotspot 6: Calendar app


    Some users have had problems getting the skin to show up in their UCCW app. If you have this problem, please email me immediately (; I'll get it straightened out for you.

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