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    Unlock Screen Mechanically

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    Different styles of the screen lock,different experience.
    This time we take use of the heavy metal as the theme.
    I believe most boys and some girls will love this screen lock style.

    Main Features:

    1.It is free to download this screen lock to your phone.

    2.It could replace the default screen lock in your phone.

    3.It has sound and vibration effect while unlocking.

    4.It allows full screen while the screen is locked.

    5.It also supports to expand the status bar in case of having some new notifications.

    6.There is a fast way to unlock your phone screen--Search key.

    7.Simple and cool unlock user interface

    8.This application could help you to lock and unlock your phone screen.

    9.Slide up to unlock the phone screen.

    10.It enables users to read the number of the missed calls and unread messages.

    Are you interested in this screen lock?
    It is really simple to use.Just slide up to unlock the screen.
    Its user interface is very user-friendly.You could know the information of current time and date.
    The number of missed calls and unread messages could also get quick access so that you won't miss some important news.

    I believe you will like this mechanical screen lock.
    Seize time to download it to your phone.
    Rate it 5 stars if it brings some convenience and fun to your life.
    We need your support always!!!

    ==========================Important Notification======================
    If there are any problems, please contact me by email, and we can troubleshoot the problem together. I am unable to follow up or reply to comments left on the market.

    Most mobile phones could be unlocked to work with any GSM network provider, but the phone may still display the original branding and may not support features of the new carrier; besides the locking, phones may also have firmware installed on them which is specific to the network provider.

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