Unlocking Kissers




    The fish kissing and the screen in unlocked. Welcome to download this app and get your kissing fish for free.

    Kissing fish theme
    Kiss to unlock
    Sound and vibration effects
    Fast unlock
    Easy and simple to use
    For android cell phones and tablets

    Introduction of Unlocking Kissers
    In the locked screen of this app, you will see the kissing fish and they are in the both sides of screen. Make them kiss to unlock screen.
    Lock screen
    You can see the date and time in this interface, so does the day of week. Drag the fish in the left side to kiss the other fish and the screen will be unlocked.
    Besides that, you also can open the notification bar and check the details in there if you chose the status bar in the settings. The whole lock screen will show the background picture completely if you chose the full screen mode.
    In a word, they are two kinds of lock screen modes that you can choose within this app.

    Shortcut key
    It is the other way to unlock screen except for fish kissing, long press the cell phone Find button. You¡¯d better to keep this function on, so that you can use your cell phone right now, even it is locked by this app.
    Ringtone and vibration
    Turn them on and you will hear the ring and feel the vibration when you release the lock of this app, make fish kissing. Turn them off means you started the silent mode for this app.

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    Kissing gouramis are also known as kissing fish or kissers, they are large tropical freshwater fish comprising the monotypic labyrinth fish family Helostomatidae. They originate from Thailand to Indonesia
    The kissing gourami is a kind of popular aquarium fish.

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