UW Contacts

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    UW Contacts is one of the widgets from the "Useful Widgets" app which contains 5 different widgets (Please see "Useful Widgets" for more details).

    This 1x1 widget will display your mobile phone number and/or any combination of your contacts image/information you wish e.g work telephone number, email address etc.
    Just select your contact from the list and select what information you want displayed on the widget.

    Can be used to prominently display contact details in case of an emergency.

    Click Save without any configuration will display your mobile number so its easy to find on your home screen.
    If the displayed mobile number is incorrect or not displayed ask your network provider to send you a text message to program your Sim card.
    Alternatively, create a "myphone" contact and this widget will automatically display the mobile number from this contact.

    All colors and transparency for the message text and background is configurable.
    Choice of text sizes and optionally display the contacts image.
    Display any information (eg email, works tel, home tel, address etc) from your contacts.
    Display information with or without the contacts image in the widget.
    Automatically updates the widget display if the contact is changed. This is done on phone power up to save batteries.
    Select from a list of commands to show only the fields from your contact you want displayed and control the format of your message.
    Automatically appends your mobile number or select the option to remove it.

    Please note, this widget uses the "Read phone state" and "Read Contacts" permissions.