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    Fascinating Live Wallpaper of floating hearts for Valentine's Day!


    For those who love hearts, or are in love, this is a pretty Live Wallpaper with floating hearts in various colors for your home screen. The hearts float on your screen, bounce off each other and appear & disappear randomly. If you hold your phone perfectly vertical, the hearts will gently float down to the bottom. "Shake" your phone to see a cute effect!

    A nice, fascinating and attractive wallpaper that takes advantage of the fantastic physics and accelerometer sensor capabilities of the Android Platform.

    * Hearts float on the screen like real balloons
    * Each heart explodes and vanishes after random time
    * Tilt phone up: hearts gently float to the bottom
    * Tilt phone flat: hearts gently float to the top
    * Tilt phone sideways: Hearts drift towards whichever side is "up"
    * Tap screen to generate new hearts (as long as your selected number of hearts are not already on screen)
    * Select how quickly new hearts get self-generated: one per 5 seconds, up to 1 per minute (slowest = least battery used)
    * Select maximum number of hearts allowed on screen (fewer number = less battery used)
    * Select extra-bouncy mode (this increases battery consumption, though)

    If you like this wallpaper then you may want to purchase the Deluxe version of this Live wallpaper. The Deluxe version offers the following additional features:
    * Hearts drifting through fluffy white clouds.
    * Each heart has a tiny gift attached and as you pop the hearts, this mysterious gift will appear on your screen!!!
    * Gradient sky and ground backgrounds.
    * Preference settings for sensitivity to movement, enable / disable gifts, and variable balloon sizes.

    PLEASE NOTE: Live Wallpapers are NOT SUPPORTED on all Android devices, please check for the Live Wallpapers menu on your phone (see the TO USE details mentioned below)

    TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers

    Please report any bugs or issues by contacting the developers via email through the "Send mail to developer" button in the Market, as there is no mechanism for us to respond to bug reports that you post in the App Market comments.

    ** This wallpaper may exhibit odd behavior on certain phones and UIs. We would appreciate your feedback to help us sort out any such issues. The most detailed bug reports will earn you a free copy of the Deluxe Edition of this wallpaper!

    ** Note of appreciation for the AndEngine physics library, which makes this wallpaper possible.

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