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    Many people celebrate this day, but in different countries, it may be referred to variously in Norway - Day of the Romantics, in Sweden - the Day of Hearts, in several European countries - Valentine's Day. The researchers can not accurately determine the origin of this feast, because - a miracle! - In ancient Rome there lived two pious Roman, and which seem to have died in one day and, therefore, their memory is honored in the same day. The First Valentine - Bishop Teniysky, which, contrary to the orders of Emperor Claudius II was crowned in love, and the emperor needed not married couples and unmarried men. By order of the emperor, he was allegedly burned it on February 14, so all lovers revere his memory this day. And second, Valentin - a doctor, an advocate of sick children, as well as travelers, newlyweds and brides. So, Valentine - a young doctor, a Christian who lived during the reign of Emperor Claudius, and therefore, in times of severe persecution of Christians. For loyalty to the Christian faith was in jail. Regarding future developments, there are several legends. In particular, there is a theory that children who had once cured a young healer, ran to the window and threw him in prison notes of congratulations and best wishes. So they tried to show their love and gratitude, the way they support the person during difficult moments in life. Christian jailer chased children who do not let them go to the doctor. For example, some researchers believe the first valentine note these children. But one day, curiosity got the upper hand, and harsh prison guard read the children's notes. He was struck by the children's feelings of gratitude emergency physician, learned of his ability and decided to ask him for help. But the fact that the jailer's daughter was born blind, and he was laying on the doctor's last hope, brought him to prison for her daughter. And the miracle happened - the girl was returned to sight, and she once saw as their savior, immediately fell in love with him. However, it was a tragic love, because the doctor was soon executed. Legend has it that before his execution, Valentine sent a note favorite - the first valentine. This is the second version of the origin of the first valentine. There is a third version. One legend says that before his death, Valentine had to send to your friends and followers of cards with wishes - possibly the first valentines should be considered as these flyers. Despite the fact that Valentine's Day is primarily a holiday lovers to this day must be to congratulate all those who love me: grandparents, siblings, parents and friends.

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