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    Norman was a man of simplicity. He had considered the fundamental, philisophical problems of God and free will, but they were of little interest to him. Norman had many things to think about. He was not tempted to answer the great questions of life. And Norman understood something. Norman knew that he is only a man. As such, he had no need for higher thoughts. Norman was free. And then something changed for Norman.

    It began on the darkest day of the year, which happens to be the birthday of all pressing truths. Norman had come home to put his feet up. He had just settled in when the thought occured to him. Norman has always known, as all men know, that there had been a time before him. This thought had never troubled him. Time is intangible and unchangeable. But as Norman watched the light fade through his windows, the depth of time suddenly became very troublesome. And then Norman was no longer so sure. Of course it is true that all men have a beginning, but Norman could not remember his own. It felt to him almost like he had been drawn into existence, doodled out as if on the back of a child's notebook. Norman went to sleep that night in the long dark of the darkest day of the year. He did not dream, but when he awoke the thought burned clear in his mind, waiting for him to take it up again. There followed a time of denial, during which Norman went about his daily affairs as though nothing were wrong. But the thought would not abate. It stretched and compounded, until Norman's mind could do little more than cycle through question after question. Who am I? Where do I come from? What is the purpose of my existence? And so on.

    And now Norman walks. He could no longer live as he had before the onset of the thought, and so he walked out of his home. Norman put his hands in his pockets and walked to the bounds of reality. And then Norman walked beyond, and into the cloud of blue. Norman's pace is steady, and the unchanging cloud gives him an infinity, clear of distractions and free of boundaries. But Norman does not stop to appreciate these things. He is tangled inside a mechanism of interlocking ideas.

    This is Norman. When you put him on your device, you give him a clear path ahead and a window back into the world. It is likely that Norman will go on walking forever, but if he catches a glimpse, every now and again between thoughts, of the world that spins on without him, perhaps he will get free. Perhaps he will come home. For now, Norman walks.

    Norman is simple. When the app opens it directs you to the live wallpapers in your phone, so that you can select him. His app has no options; no killer features. No fancy graphics. Just Norman.

    Norman's animation was made by SoylentGreen on Wikimedia, who has not endorsed this app ( Norman is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license ( Some day, Norman. Some day.

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