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    Relevant Android Solutions brings you ... Wheels Of Time!

    Never has it been more enjoyable to watch time roll...

    Wheels Of Time is an Android live wallpaper application that installs over your current background image. It is a set of concentric wheels with each wheel representing one aspect of time. There is a years wheel, months wheel, weekday wheel, hour wheel, 2 minute wheels (one for the 10's digits and one for the 1's digits), and a seconds wheel.

    As the second hand rolls 'round and 'round....when it reaches 5 seconds before top center, it "latches on" to every wheel that needs to rotate to reflect the new time. Each latched wheel is rotated in one second increments to top center. Some wheels rotate clockwise, others counter-clockwise. "Mesmerizing" comes to mind while watching 4 or more wheels turn!

    Wheels Of Time has several touch areas that allow you to customize its look. The 4th image in the image views above shows where these touch areas are.


    The touch areas on the upper-right and lower-right allow you to select from several different colors on the cover of Wheels Of Time. The colors range through basic dark to light colors. There is also an option that is a "no cover" selection.


    The upper-left and lower-left touch areas control the opacity of Wheels Of Time. By touching inside the upper box, opacity is increased...meaning the wheels become more transparent. Touching inside the lower box opacity is reduced...meaning it becomes more visible.

    Text Elements

    Newest addition is the display of battery remaining, memory used, processor utilization and processor frequency. These are gathered and displayed on a 5 second interval.

    There are 4 different texts displayed on the cover of Wheels Of Time: Month and day, weekday, statistics, and the time. Each of these text displays can be turned off.
    This is done by "touching" them. Think of touching these texts as a toggle on/off switch. You can display any combination you choose. Or none!

    The center of Wheels Of Time has a special function. When it is double-tapped it "locks/unlocks" and "saves" the current settings of Wheels Of Time. That means the size, location, colors, opacity, and textual displays are stored. Thus, whenever you need to restart your device, Wheels Of Time will appear exactly as you liked it! These settings are saved for both portrait and landscape mode.

    When the center is double-tapped, the ability to change clock settings is either locked or unlocked. If it's locked, then double-tapping will unlock it.

    To relocate Wheels Of Time, unlock changes by double-tapping, place your finger down in the center of the clock and move your finger to the new location. When it's located where you want, double-tap the center and this position is "saved" and changes will be locked. Couldn't be easier!

    This allows you to configure Wheels Of Time for a portrait mode and save those settings by using the lock function. Then you can switch to landscape mode, unlock changes, configure Wheels Of Time to your liking and then lock them in. This means that each time you switch viewing modes, Wheels Of Time will remember how you like it to appear.

    This is Relevant Android Solutions' 1st released application. Please inform us immediately of any issues observed or features desired. It is our goal to address these A.S.A.P. Thank you!

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