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    Interesting facts about the whiskey .

    The modern name spelled whiskey whisky - in the Scottish version, and whiskey - all the rest. If the bottle is written «whisky» it exactly made ​​in Scotland if «whiskey», then where else, but not in Scotland. By the way, in the journalism industry is often used combined version - whisk (e) y, if the piece at the same time referred to , for example , Scottish and Irish variety.
    The word " whiskey" is not declined . " Whisky" - a word with a double grammatical norm, and can be both secondary and masculine , but not feminine.
    The name of the alcoholic beverage derived from the Celtic expression uisce beatha, which translates to water of life .
    Maybe soon whiskey can get the title of most expensive alcohol in the world. While the most expensive whiskey is a 60 -year-old Macallan ($ 62,000 for a bottle of only 40 bottles ) . However, already on sale is a bottle of Irish whiskey XIX century cost 100,000 pounds ( which is practically equal to $ 200,000 ) . This is the only surviving bottle distillery Nun's Island Distillery in County Galway. So far, the record of the most expensive alcoholic beverage in the world belongs to blame - the most expensive bottle was sold at Christie's auction for $ 160,000 .
    Also , whiskey - a good investment target . A bottle of 17 -year-old whiskey Ardberg cost in February 2005, $ 75, and in November 2007 - is now $ 198. Thus , an increase of almost 250 % in 30 months.
    November 9, 2007 the former Minister of Finance of the Netherlands Gerrit Zalm established stock exchange for trading Whisky - World Whisky Index. To date, the order book WWI is $ 392,000 . Buying whiskey on WWI, receive a certificate confirming your right to the subsequent sale of this particular bottle. Like any commodity exchange, pick up a bottle is not necessary , can be stored WWI. Investing in whiskey is very popular among the Japanese, Chinese and Russian .
    In the world every second bought more than 30 bottles of Scotch whiskey. Scotch whiskey in the world is sold almost 2 times higher than the Canadian , American , Japanese and Irish combined.
    There are more than 5,000 species of malt whiskey (malts), 90% of which are produced in Scotland. However, in volume terms, it is only 5% of the whiskey produced in the country . The remaining 95 % - is blended whiskeys (blended).
    Blended whiskey (blended) can contain up to 50 types of malt and 2-3 kinds of grain (grain) whiskey.
    Whiskey with markings "single malt" or "pure single malt" is not a single malt in the truest sense of the word - in any case, this blend , which may include whiskeys produced in one or more of the distillery . Really single malt whiskey is labeled "single cask" ( which means " out of one barrel ").
    Not many wine lovers know that malt whiskey useful than red wine as it contains more ellagic acid - an antioxidant that can withstand heart disease and even stop the growth of cancer cells. Perhaps that is why during the " dry law " in the U.S. whiskey was the only alcoholic beverage allowed , but only for "medical purposes" .

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