Win8 Style Unlock Screen




    Win8 is getting more and more popular all over the world.
    A lot of products stimulate its format and style.
    It is the same with our apps.

    This is a screen lock app.It could help you to lock and unlock your phone screen quickly and differently.
    Steps to Use the App:
    Go the settings first and enable the screen lock.This is the most important and basic step for using this

    app.In addition,you could also do some personal settings according to your interest.
    For example,you could enable the tone and vibration.If the screen is unlocked,the sound and vibration

    will remind you.
    Take another example.You could also enable the full screen.In this way,the phone screen will seem clearer and bigger.For your convenience,you could also expand the status bar so that if you have new notification,you could check them in time.
    Last,as for the fast unlock,it is a quick way to unlock your phone screen.

    2.Unlock the screen
    There are 5 shortcuts on the main interface.Sliding any one of them could unlock the screen.
    That is,you could enter into call,SMS,music,Internet and camera directly.
    At the bottom of the interface,sliding the arrow to the locker is another way to unlock.
    If you have enable the fast unlock,press the menu button to unlock.

    There is a detail worth to mention.There is a icon under the start.If you do nothing to the screen,it will show NO.But when you trying to unlock the screen,its status becomes OK.

    Be brave to experience the Win8 style!
    If you like it,please leave your comments here and rate us 5 stars.

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