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    Interesting facts about wolves:

    Wolf - is a predator of the dog family. It is very similar to a large dog. But dogs are known to be friends of man and wolf man is always considered to be his enemy. And for that reason was. Wolves are often attacked livestock, and hungry winter, happened, and on the person. People have fought long and hard with the wolves. They announced it a real war. For the killed wolf gave large bonuses. Of course, in this battle, defeated man.In England, the wolves were wiped out completely. In honor of this event was even a monument. In North America, where not so long ago was inhabited by wolves from Alaska to southern Mexico, they were only in Canada and in the polar regions. Several hundred wolves survived in Minnesota. In the remote areas of Louisiana and Texas lives a few hundred smaller wolves - it's red wolf. By the way, they also live in India.By the middle of this century, a man almost destroyed the wolves.

    That he maintained a balance, not allowing herbivores strongly propagate. Man had greatly reduce, and in some places completely stop the extermination of wolves. Some countries have even been forced to buy these predators. After all, first of all wolves always attack on the sick and debilitated animals. For this they are rightly called the hospital attendants forest.In general, the stories that lone wolves, dangerous and ferocious animals, very much exaggerated. Singles of these predators are very rare. On the contrary, the wolves are adapted to group living. Some scholars argue that the wolf pack is very similar in structure to human society. Specialist long watching wolves, called the main feature of the wolf character "friendliness". Wolves are warmly attached to the other members of the pack.

    The wolf pack can consist of two, and of the 36 wolves, but most often the number of wolves in the pack does not exceed 6-8 animals. Flock is very similar to a close-knit family. Yes, usually it is the family - the parental couple and a couple of grown pups from previous litters. Strict discipline of the wolves, each member of the pack knows his place.All disputes shall be resolved by threatening poses and growls, but if suddenly struck up a real fight, a few wolves can throw at one of the opponents to restore order before it will be inflicted serious bodily injury. In the summer flock hunts by night and resting during the day in the heat. In the winter, when there is little food, and a pack of hunting in the afternoon. Scenting prey, wolves begin to slowly and silently stalk her. Moose, weighing 450 kg - a formidable opponent.

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