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    World of Warcraft UCCW theme

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    *If you have any problems, please email me! (see mail developer option at the bottom)*


    Team Infinity Design presents the WoW theme series! This awesome World of Warcraft theme is made for all fans who want to use their smartphone as a portal to Azeroth! One of the best games of all time deserves it's own theme. With a "3D" interface and beautifull WoW images, this theme completely changes the way your phone looks.

    Watch the Youtube video for an easy guide on how to instal this amazing theme!

    1. Instal this app
    2. Search the market for "UCCW". Download the free app UCCW.
    3. Make sure you open UCCW, press the menu button and select "hotspots mode" and turn it on! (or else nothing will happen when you press the widgets!)


    Once you have done these 3 easy steps:
    - Make sure you have a Launcher that supports 7x4 desktop grids (I use Nova Launcher. You can use the free version of Nova)
    - Go into Nova settings and do the things you see in this video
    - Start adding the widgets like in the video
    - To set your location for the temperature, go into UCCW>Settings and set your location.
    - To set the home button to go into the app drawer, go into Nova settings, gestures and buttons. Choose the home button to go into the app drawer, like in the youtube video.

    To get the same results as in the video, a simple black wallpaper is needed.

    DONE! Enjoy your awesome WoW theme.

    If you run into any problems please e-mail me. I will reply as soon as I can, usually within 5-60 minutes.

    Beware Android 4.1 users:

    Due to some problems with the Playstore and Android 4.1, some users might not see the WoW skins when adding UCCW widgets. For users that have root access, use Titanium Backup to backup and restore the app. That will fix this problem.

    This theme isn't affiliated in any way to World of Warcraft or Blizzard Entertainment.
    Theme will be updated according to new features available for UCCW. I will keep improving this theme and update this app. Updates will always be free!

    Custom Apps:
    E-mail me if you want different apps in the theme. Don't use whatsapp? Want a new app on one of the screens? Just ask :)

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