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    Interesting facts about Zenvo:

    Enough "not car " country Denmark boasts extreme supercar Zenvo ST1 Danish production company Zenvo Automotive. It is called " Viking in carboxylic Skin" , by temperament , he is not inferior to the best examples of modernity, such as the Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg CCXR.Kontsept " beast" was developed a decade."Hundreds" of miles per hour Zenvo ST1 may issue only for some 3 seconds , and the maximum speed limit is 375 kilometers per hour. At this speed, Denmark can be from border to border crossing in 18 minutes ! Under the hood hides a supercar korvettovsky 7- liter eight-cylinder engine with a supercharger , turbocharger and a capacity of 1,104 horsepower at 1,430 Newton-meters of torque. My head is spinning from these characteristics . Power , by the way , with 103 horsepower more than the Veyron - the main competitor. Supercar is almost entirely made in Denmark, exception: the engine block is made to order one of the American companies.Giant power " engineering Devil" supported a 6-speed manual transmission , limited-slip differential and rear wheel drive.

    The Danish company has developed a two - level system of controlling the flow of power and sustainability. Easy to operate the machine , even in sport mode . Zenvo Automotive Engineers surpassed all : Zenvo ST1 is wider than the Lamborghini Murcielago ( 2041 mm ) long and Porsche Carrera GT ( 4665 mm) at a height of 1198 mm . Curb weight - 1,376 kg . "Typically Scandinavian " car can also run on E85 biofuel .Zenvo ST1 could overtake the Bugatti Veyron and value. Initially, for each car would have to shell out 16 million euros ( approximately $ 3 million ) . Veyron - at half the cost and has a high level of engineering work . Such cost dramatically reduced the number of potential buyers , so the Danes restrain the appetite, and was announced by the new sum of 750 000 euros.In Revue car for 1 million dollars, we have already mentioned that the cost of Zenvo ST- 1 50S is equal to $ 1.8 million distributors in the United States is the Emporio Motor Group.But if you love exclusivity , then the money will not be spent in vain. A total of 15 cars will be produced , the three arrive in the United States , and the rest will have to look for it.

    The remaining twelve Zenvo ST 1 will have 1,104 hp under the hood . A little is not fair ? Yes , it is unfair , but that is the reality . The entire capacity of the car falls on its rear wheels, so that when driving, you need to be concentrated most on the road. If you are a lover of fast driving , otherwise you would not have needed the Zenvo ST 1 50S, still be kind to the gas pedal . Up to 100km / h in 3 seconds, top speed of 373 km / hOddly enough, but the maximum speed is electronically limited . Although there is more reliance on confidence in the quality of tires , not the car itself .In the words of Jesper Jensen: « We did not set out to create the most reliable supercar , but it seems now we have it ." Besides the fact that the U.S. is more powerful model , with it also comes seven speed gearbox. Plus , most of all, to consider how much did Zenvo ST 1 50S is gaining its hundred, all buyers of the car as a gift clock ticking .

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