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    This is not a freestanding application. You must have Zooper Widgets to use this app.

    You must click the app to start it once it is installed. Open you app drawer and click the app icon. You won't see anything happening, but it will start the service.

    Check to see if this app needs accessibility access on your device. Settings, Accessibility, if Zooper Messenger Notification is in the lest of apps, you must enable it or it won't work.

    What is does it to allow you to show your Facebook notifications right in your Zooper widgets. Once you open the Facebook app, the notification is cleared. You can use it with your own widgets with the variables below, or you can download of of my free notification skins to use it with. My skins that are already setup for notifications are Side Bar with Icons and All-in-One Zooper Home Skin. More will be added.

    The program includes advanced parameters to use in your widgets for those who use them. For example, if you want your Zooper widget background to change colors when you have a notification, etc. You do not need to use the advanced parameters if you don't want to.

    To use this in your widget, you need to add a text module to your widget, edit the text manually to read as follows:

    ZW Variable #TFACEBOOK# ( make sure to include the leading T).

    ZW Text %NTITLE

    The variable for advanced parameters is #TFACEBOOKCOUNT#

    If you have any issues, please email me.

    I will be making apps for Google*, Hangouts, FB Messenger, Google Voicemail, Missed Calls, Text Messages and email.