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    Color Styler for Zooper Widgets

    A little tool I created to be able to easily style my Zooper Widgets through variables.
    It was created with Tasker and exported as APK. No need to install Tasker!

    What Color Styler basically does is publishing color settings as Tasker variables (list below) that can be used within Zooper Widget items to apply color styles without the need to modify the widgets.
    Created for my "Elegance" template and widgets, but variables can be used by ANY Zooper Widgets.

    Please visit my "Getting started"-guide ( and watch the demo video to see what's possible with Color Styler.

    Published variables:
    TCP_USESTYLE : 0=no styling, 1=styling enabled
    TCP_BGCOL : background color hex value
    TCP_FGCOL : foreground color hex value
    TCP_USEACCENT : 0=don't use accent color, 1=use accent color
    TCP_ACCCOL : accent color hex value (only if TCP_USEACCENT=1, else same as TCP_FGCOL)
    TCP_ICONCOL : background color hex value
    TCP_SHOWICON : 0=do not show icon, 1=show icon
    TCP_BORDER1COL: border 1 color hex value
    TCP_BORDER1MARGIN: margin to use for border 1
    TCP_BORDER1SIZE: with to use for border 1
    TCP_BORDER2COL: border 2 color hex value
    TCP_BORDER2MARGIN: margin to use for border 2
    TCP_BORDER2SIZE: with to use for border 2

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