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    (this is not a standalone application but it's a plugin for zZzAlarm: also install for free our main app:

    Did you ever woke up tired in the morning even after sleeping for more than 8 hours?
    While if you were lucky enough you could have slept for few hours only and wake up fresh and rested??

    It's not a mystery and it's not just a case! It depends in fact on the REM or NREM phases in which you wake up! They said that it's better to wake up into a non REM phase.
    Do you want to solve this boring problem easily once for all? Yes, you want, we bet!

    The trick is simple with our PreAlarm plugin for zZzAlarm: NREM phases alternate themselves each 2 hours ca; in the last phase we sleep in REM phases, which last from 20 to 45 minutes each one: so if you have to wake up at 7:30 am you could set up for example 30 minutes of PreAlarm; in this time the tone you choose will ring for 1 to 10 minutes (depending on your choice) at a lower volume: if you are able to listen to this soft sound it means you are into a non REM phase and so it is convenient for you to wake up!
    If you don't hear the alarm, on the contrary, it's better to sleep still a few minutes, till the next soft alarm.
    But don't worry, 'cause if at 7:30 am you are still sleeping, the normal alarm tone will ring at the normal volume!

    Simple, as we said. But perfect working and fully customizable!
    Just like the way you wanted it!

    If you want to know more about the REM and NREM phases you can start from Wikipedia here:
    Warning: you can't use the PreAlarm if the hourly conditions based on weather are active on same alarm/profile.

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