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    This app started with some 3Deffect so called wiggle Gif photos taken in Venice.

    3D or more accurately 'stereoscopic' images require two shots of the same subject
    and the left shot is viewed by the left eye, the right by the right, and the brain generates
    a perspective with depth.

    You cannot view both images on the same screen without fancy 3D screens like on
    the nintendo 3DS, or using red/cyan glasses.

    But you can 'flicker' the two images, producing a mini movie that also emphasises
    the depth of the image. Proper wiggle-Gifs have the image 'window' set differently
    to regular 3D shots (the window represents the main focus of the viewer- in 3d images it is the nearest point, in wiggle-Gif it needs to be further back)

    Take a look at these and if you have any questions ..... @clwydian on Twitter or

    Some of these photos were taken with a Fujifilm stereocamera, but the older ones were taken with a pocketable point and shoot camera and then combined into wiggleGifs using stereophotomaker

    Carl @clwydian

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