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    Why not share your good memories on “ally”, the app that lets you connect with people through photos and music?
    Add filters to your photos and stick them on a corkboard, write notes and blog entries, and have fun leaving reminders of the good times you too often forget.

    “ally – Notes of My Life” lets you share photos, blog entries, memos and music with ease. We deliver fun communication through photos and music.

    [There are many fun ways to use ally!]
    -A place to store photos you’ve saved up!
    Attach photos of your favorite artists or ones you’ve taken yourself, add a memo or a blog entry, and you’ll have your own album before you know it!
    -A way to keep up with friends at school
    Write notes or entries in your blog about events at school or trips you’ve taken, upload photos and share with your friends! Give your images an extra touch with filters for more fun!
    -A record of your child’s growth
    Take photos and add notes to create a visual record of how your child has grown that you can treasure forever!
    -A place to keep memories of those important to you
    Post photos of events at a wedding like broadcasting and create an album the bride and groom are sure to love!
    -A personal cookbook
    Brag to your friends about the tasty dishes you’ve whipped up by taking photos, adding notes and filters, and then uploading them! Responses to your masterpieces from others will make cooking even more enjoyable!
    -A place to gather comments and opinions when you’ve taken an interesting photo!
    Add filters to an interesting photo, then attach a piece of music and you’re sure to gather attention!

    [The appeal of ally!]
    -Photo lovers from around the world make sure there is plenty to see!
    Many users post pictures of everyday events and special photos they have been saving.
    You’ll find photos of your favorite places and popular destinations, and easy-to-use filters make them even more dramatic!

    -Post with ease using five categories!
    Choose from one of five genres whenever you post: Eat, Buy, Visit, Think or Listen.
    Bookmark photos and memos of cute outfits or cool items. Add filters to photos from trips, and then put them together into an album. Share the favorite songs you just downloaded. Keep a record of what is going on in your life.

    -Get feedback on your photos!
    People will come along and like or comment on notes, blog entries, photos, songs and music you post, adding to the fun!
    You can also automatically crosspost to Twitter and Facebook from ally, which makes sharing your posts easier than ever!

    -Nine cool filters to choose from!
    Metal Red Inc., makers of Instaplus, a commercial camera app for Instagram, has overseen the creation of nine different filters for ally!
    Add a perfect filter to photos of favorite memories or other fun images with a single tap! You can add filters to original photos and post those as well!

    -My page is an album of your own!
    The images you post become an album of your memories! Share past events with friends!

    -A new world blending photos and music!
    You can post music along with filtered photos, giving them even more impact! You can post music along with notes and blog entries as well!

    -Easy registration lets you begin right away!
    Just enter your ID, password and nickname and you’re in!
    You don’t need to register an e-mail address, and cancelling your account is just as simple!
    You can even register from a Twitter or Facebook account! (Requires version 2.0.5 or later.)

    [Celebrities with official ally accounts]
    - K-pop group F.CUZ has an official account!
    A must-see for F.CUZ fans! See limited-time, behind-the-scenes shots taken by members themselves as well as personal messages!
    Surely photos of F.CUZ will heal you!

    [Compatible devices]
    You can also use our services on your PC or smartphone browser.

    If you have any problems or suggestions on what we can add or improve, please email to

    [Recommended OS version]
    Android 2.1 or later

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