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    Tropical Reef Camera. Explore this beautiful marine life and use this filter with your camera. There is a lot of animals like Nemo the fish, Chester the crab or an awesome whale that will be in your screen making your pictures more funny. Download this app and enjoy with your kids the undersea ocean.

    Coral reefs are home to 25% of all marine life on the planet. In fact the variety of life supported by coral reefs rivals that of the tropical forests of the Amazon or New Guinea. But without urgent action to address climate change, pollution, overfishing and other threats these beautiful and life-sustaining organisms could disappear.

    Marine life abounds in the tropical ocean biome. Near coral reefs you can find rays, reef sharks, parrot fish, angel fish, lobsters and crabs. Puffer fish and porcupine fish are also typical inhabitants of the coral reef ecosystem. The hawksbill turtle, which is small and has a beak ending in a sharp hook, is a threatened species that feeds on soft corals and sea sponges.

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