Army Thanks! Doodle Text Cards




    Support the Troops! Send a Doodle Text card today!

    You will be prompted to install the Doodle Text app after installing this content pack with the 4th of July cards, 15 cards included.

    And we give our general thanks to all our Military men and women, whether Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and other reserves and veterans!

    Support the Troops! Send a Doodle Text card :)

    These greetings cards are used with the Doodle Text greeting card maker app to create and send customized greeting cards for any occasion! The Doodle Text app lets you color, paint, draw over the pictures and make your own unique greeting cards, thank you cards, birthday cards, love cards, patriot cards and more! Create anything your imagination inspires you to draw by adding provided stickers or backrounds and using the drawing and color effects.
    These July 4th Independence day cards are unique and created by the Doodle Team, creators of such apps as Doodle Toy! and Doodle Gram! and more :)

    These cards work with the Doodle Wish! app also :)

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